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Atlanta Bicycle Safety Statistics


The city of Atlanta is a bicycle-friendly community, especially because of so many people commuting to and from work each day. With a high volume of bicyclists and cars, the area has many accidents as well. 

Here are some Atlanta bicycle accident statistics from 2019:

There are additional factors that influence the number of bicyclists on the road including the weather. According to the City of Atlanta 2018 Annual Bicycle Report, there are ⅓ less bicyclists on the road on rainy days as opposed to clear weather days. On days where the temperature is over 65 degrees, there are twice as many bicyclists. 

How to Stay Safe While Biking

There are many safety precautions that bicyclists can take in order to stay safe on the road. Here are a few tips:

What to Do After an Atlanta Bicycle Accident

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, whether you are the cyclist or the driver, you must collect all evidence at the scene of the accident to make sure the situation will be properly handled. It is also important to not leave the scene of the accident and to tend to all injured people first, including calling 911 if needed. If under extreme circumstances the bicycle accident results in a fatal bike crash, you will need to contact a lawyer immediately. A wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta can help you gather the information you need to win your case and get the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.


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